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Kunludi3: restart from scratch

 Hi there. I'm rebuilding kunludi. It will remain a multilanguage collaborative interactive fiction engine, but I quit the efforts on the web layer to focus on the kernel. doesn't point anymore to a server, but only to this documentation and the repositories where the code remains. In the former versions of kunludi, the server was used to publish games and to allow play in collaborative mode: in that mode, the game run in the server and the clients simply use a proxy to the server. But I've changed my mind. In kunludi3, games will be run always in a host client, but the hosts will be able to share the game state by using a orchestator server, where others clients connect to play. So I shouldn't be very different for present clients: instead using a proxy agains the former server which run the game, clients will use a similar proxy to connect to a orchestrator server, which will have the game state from the game host, but server won't execute