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Rewriting ludi using vue.js framework

Till now LUDI was developped from scratch in vanilla script as a concept test. The code complexity raised enough to decide using a JS framework to rebuilt it. Among the candidates I've read about Angular, React, Ember... till I've found out Vue . It seems to fit with my requeriments: low learning curve and easy readability and maintainability of code. So, here I am, rewriting the whole stuff from scratch. The roadmap is: Module "Ludi" (play in Esperanto): multilingual interactive fiction to play alone. Module "Kune"(together, in Esperanto): to interact with another users and play in "team mode": one leader takes decisions but the rest of the team can propose alternatives.

kunludi: multilingual interactive fiction a multilingual interactive fiction environment written in javascript and node.js We use here "ludi" as the local engine and "kunludi" as the message server (node.js). Current state: Server version where play online: Client version downloadable from Kernel languages: English (EN), Spanish (ES) and Esperanto (EO). Available games:  "tresfuentes" (ES + machine traslation for ES and EO) "vampiro" (ES + machine traslation for ES and EO) "texel" (under development: EO) Documentation (only in Spanish by now): Where: at What: 1) how to do a ludi game; 2) how to traslate a finished game; 3) internal stuff History: 2016-feb: domain was created 2015: alpha state: game demo "las tres fuentes" is presented in  xcomp3  (spanish competition for innovating text games) 2014: ludi as a